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Musician Earplugs

Musicians’ earplugs are high fidelity earplugs which means they transmit true and original sound to the musician’s ears, minimising distortion.

Why do musician’s use earplugs?

Many musicians regularly experience tinnitus and fullness in their ears after long practices and performances, which is an indication of a temporary hearing loss. Music educators have similar experiences.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur musician, you’ll benefit from earplugs. Why?  Because sound levels are usually extremely high in these environments. Earplugs protect against this. Regular use safeguard musicians from the cumulative effect of overexposure to loud sounds.

And in the case of singers, using earplugs can enhance performance. They prevent singers from singing out of tune because they hear sound via their ears and not via speakers. Even DJ’s should wear hearing protection.

Why do musician’s use earplugs?

What earplugs should musician’s use?

Talk to your audiologist about custom-made earplugs. This involves making a mold of your outer ear and creating a pair of reusable earplugs that matches the shape of your ear. They offer a level of hearing protection and comfort often not available from off-the-shelf products.

At Casey Hearing, we’re specialists in custom fitting earplugs for musicians. We also offer a range of proprietary hearing protection solutions that feature different acoustic filters designed to suit your needs and budget.

What earplugs should musician’s use?

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If you think you or someone you know will benefit from earplugs, book an appointment to see our audiologist. She will guide you to make the correct choice of musician’s earplug based on the instrument that you play.