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Assistive Listening Devices

What are Assistive Listening Devices?

There are several alternative hearing solutions available to improve your ability to hear. One such solution is an Assistive Listening Device (ALD). They’re generally used by people needing help to hear in a particular situation such as:

Over the telephone

In noisy environments

Hearing the TV

In small or large group listening environments (such as restaurants, concert halls and meetings)

Over distance

Hearing the doorbell or alarms

For example, an ALD such as a set of headphones for the radio or television could be useful if the only time you feel you need help with your hearing loss is when you want to listen to the television/radio at a level which is comfortable for others.

ALDs are generally larger and have bigger controls, so they’re ideal for people with a disability or who otherwise have difficulties managing a much smaller hearing aid. They can also be used with and without hearing aids.


What are Assistive Listening Devices?

Do l have to pay for my Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

Casey Hearing is a private practice and an accredited provider of audiology products and services, including hearing aids, hearing tests and ALD’s. Fees are payable on the day of fitting. Some health funds provide rebates for ALD’s depending on your level of cover.

We are accredited by the Australian Government to provide eligible pension and DVA concession cardholders with a range of subsidised audiology services including hearing tests, hearing devices and fittings.


Do l have to pay for my Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

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