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Employee Hearing Tests

Having your prospective employees’ hearing tested prior to engaging their services protects you from a claim against hearing loss that may NOT be caused by your workplace environment.

Employee Hearing Tests

Khatija can provide pre-employment or baseline hearing screenings to obtain a baseline measurement of where employees’ hearing is at. If hearing is screened on site, she can provide a complete diagnostic assessment for those who fail their hearing screenings or those who show deterioration in hearing levels.

Khatija is the only Dangerous Decibels educator in Victoria. This allows her to conduct interactive hearing conservation programs where adults and children can experiment and learn about sound, dangerous decibels, and how to protect hearing. Employers are generally aware of their obligation to provide hearing protection but they cannot always enforce it. By attending a workshop, employees are provided with information so they can make informed decisions about their safety.

We are available to discuss any requirements you may have for your employees. Please do not hesitate to contact Casey Hearing with any queries or questions. We look forward to the possibility of tailoring our services to suit your company’s needs.

The cost of the screenings is $55 and full adult consultation is $160.

Employee Hearing Tests


  • Dangerous Decibels Hearing Conservation Program (50minutes)
  • Comprehensive Audiological Assessment (1hour)
  • Employment screening (20mins) for baseline measures and/or for monitoring purposes.

Employee Hearing Screening

To make an appointment for an employee screening or for a complete adult consultation, please call 03 9037 7010 or book online.